Batman ’89 (Blue)
In the Flash movie (2023) we see the alternate costumes of the alternate-universe Batman. All were loosely based on previous Bat costumes or old Kenner figure variants. This is one of them. It’s mostly a repaint of a NECA ’89 Bats knock-off.  I printed some pouches and glued to the (read more...)
Batman ’89 (Sketch)
I fully admit to stealing this recipe. I would love to give credit, but I forgot where I saw it. If it was you, please let me know! I can’t say I set out to make a custom figure of the “Bat-Man” sketch from the 1989 movie, but the existence (read more...)
Batman ’93
I am calling this one “Batman 1993” because it features elements of the Michael Keaton Batman as seen in the ’89, ’92, and ’23 movie. In my mind, this might be the suit that evolved after ’92 on the way to ’23. It’s really just McFarlane’s 2023 batman, with a (read more...)
Batman ’92 (Returns)
I’ll admit, the results of this project are a bit odd. In 2023’s Flash movie, Alt Flash crafts a costume from the old Batman Returns suit. McFarlane made a figure of that hybrid look, and that’s the base of this figure. It captures the main parts of the suit well (read more...)
Mr. Freeze (’97)
Since I completed this custom figure, Todd McFarlane has announced his versions is coming soon. And his will be more screen accurate than anything I can do. But I still felt like this project was worth discussing, as it used some more advanced techniques. Before Todd announced his, I’d seen (read more...)
Max Shreck
Max Shreck! How you have eluded me, sir! I’ve been wanting to make a Max since long before the advent of 3D printing, but I could never find a head that could pass as the distinctive Mr. Walken. Even now, I can’t find much in the way of available 3D (read more...)
Summer Gleeson
Gather ’round, people. I’ve a story I would tell. Most folks know that Batman: The Animated Series owes its existence to the success of the Tim Burton Batman movie. BTAS was commissioned and developed in the wake of that first movie’s success, and then sort of ignored and left to (read more...)
Superman (Nicolas Cage)
SPOILER! After 30-something years, Nic Cage finally got his chance to appear as Superman in a movie. Most of us know Tim Burton worked to develop a Superman movie after Batman Returns, featuring Nicolas Cage in the cape and spandex. The Superman Lives endeavor made it as far as costume (read more...)
Batman (White Knight Beyond)
Sean Murphy’s “Batman: White Knight” series continues to deliver, bringing us new spins on classic characters. In “Beyond the White Knight,” we meet an older Bruce, imprisoned and identity made public. But no cage can hold Batman! Which eventually leads to this new design. The base figure is the standard (read more...)
Batman (White Knight Unmasked)
I am always down for an “unmasked” variation on the shelf! But this one was not on my radar. Artist-specific unmasked heads can be tough. Mr. Murphy’s (excellent) art is no exception. And then I stumbled across a 3D file of unmasked Bruce by Kamikaze-Kuro on Cults3D. A quick download (read more...)