Inanimate History: Star Wars


I’m a part of the Star Wars generation. And no matter how much the Prequels stank, I will never shake my love for Star Wars. Like so many people my age, it’s part of me, whether I like it or not.

I recently came across some old art, and thought I’d collect some of it here for your amusement.

Let’s start with some customs. When Hasbro started up the line again in 1995, I was thrilled! I started scouring Wal-Marts late at night with all the rest of the nerds. Ah, good times. I customized a handful of characters at the start, but it quickly became clear Hasbro would make almost every version of every character. Some of those old customs were really horrible, though. Thankfully, they are lost to time, and no record exists. But I have a few photos of some things worth showing.

Next, let’s look at some custom models. Most of these are kit-bashed, in the time honored method. The misfit is the exception, with a main body made of balsa wood and illustration board. I can’t recall what happened to these. I know I don’t have them in my possession. I suspect they got trashed.

Finally, some ship designs. I was one of the few that carried the torch for Star Wars in the “lean years” via the excellent West End Games role-playing games and books. To this date, those are probably the best “expanded universe” materials available. I used to work up ship designs as a hobby. The oldest ones are pen-and-ink. Then I graduated to Microsoft Paint (this was a very long time ago!). The later ones are made in AutoCAD.


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