Inanimate History: Old Customs

Harley-Quinn-01I recently stumbled across the last remaining evidence of some of my early efforts at customizing. Most of these are from 1994-1995. I’d been customizing all my life. I simply didn’t know it had a name until that point.

Bear in mind there was no internet or Photoshop back then. Everything you see here was done by hand with paint, an x-acto blade, and a color copier. And outside of legitimate Kenner parts, the closest thing to the right scale was Playmate’s Star Trek line. I think you’ll be able to see where some of those were used.

You can read the story behind Harley here.

Sadly, most of these have been recycled into other projects, or are otherwise lost to time. Of course, I’ve improved a little since then.

A gift for my old pal Meghan, from our Swing dance days.

This was a Supergirl statue I obtained on eBay. I applied the paint. She’s pretty rough, but she’s all we had back then.

These are Kitty Pryde and Mystique, based on the “X-Men: Evolution” line and cartoon. I know I had made some others, too. They seem to have not been photographed. (I also remember starting a “costumed” Blob, but that didn’t get far.



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