“Best Action Figures” of Dallas

Those of you who don’t live in Texas may not be familiar with D Magazine. You might call it the Vanity Fair of Texas. It’s a long-standing, respected magazine that covers the arts and politics, and can be found in book and grocery stores across this great state. Once a year, D publishes it’s “Best of Dallas” list. The list features local artists, businesses and anything the staff of D considers hip and cool, and is never the same twice. This year, I am bursting with pride to be named “Best Action Figures.” Such a title is a tremendous honor for me. Not only do I view this as a personal achievement, but to my knowledge, this may be the first acknowledgment of customizing by the mainstream press (i.e. not toy, hobby or craft magazines). To that end, all customizers should take pride in this honorific. We’ve come a long way in just a few short years.

Thank you D Magazine! (And thanks for the swell party.)


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